Aluminum & Parabens In Deodorants


 People have heard that aluminum and parabens in deodorants are bad, but not many people understand how or why.  All we've heard is that these chemicals can cause cancer as well as have other serious health consequences.  The truth is, there is no conclusive link between them, rather only theories based on speculation.  The goal is to bring the information out and let people decide for themselves. 

The notion of breast cancer and its link to deodorants can be traced back to studies done in the UK.  In 2004 a study was done in which 20 breast tumor tissues were taken and analyized.  The results showed a higher than normal amount of paraben deposits in the tissue.  Furthermore, the samples were taken from the upper breast area; the area closest to the underarms. 

In 2003, a study was done that examined the frequency of underarm shaving and deodorant use in 437 breast cancer survivors.  The results indicated that women who had started shaving and using deodorants prior to age 16 were more likely to develop breast cancer at an earlier age.

In the case of aluminum, scientist have theorized that aluminum is absorbed into the skin in a similar manner as parabens.  Aluminum can have estrogen-like effects and has the ability to promote the growth of cancer. 

On the other hand, in 2006 a study was done which looked into the relationship between antiperspirant use in 54 women who were diagnosed with breast cancer and 50 women who were without it.  The study found no association between the two, but interestingly enough did find an increased risk with birth control pill usage.

At the end of the day, you make your own choices.  However, this being a Green Hygiene blog, it is of our opinion that it's best to stay away from aluminum and paraben products all together.  Why take the chance when there are options available that don't pose any possible health risk.  Find yourself a good aluminum free deodorant and it could pay off in the long run.

Natural Deodorants: Body Mint

For those who are looking for a natural deodorant, free of aluminum, parabens and other artificial chemcials, the search is over.  Body Mint, a chlorophyll supplement made by Body Mint, USA-LLC is an internal, all body deodorant tablet that works to eliminate body odor, bad breath and foot odor, all at the same time.  Using their proprietary blend of natural ingredients, it provides an effective, long lasting odor solution.   It's also convenient.  Just two tablets per day will provide 24 hour protection.

It was developed in Hawaii and gained popularity from there.  Jeanie Moos did a feature on Body Mint on CNN and now they have customers around the world.  Body Mint took 3 years to create in which many different formula combinations were tried.  Eventually they arrived at their current formula which was shown to be the most effective.  Little has changed since. 

The concept of a dietary deodorant supplement is strange to grasp at first, but the science behind it sheds light on how this product actually works.  Chlorophyllin has the unique ability to absorb odor compounds in the body.  This phenomenon was first observed in hospitals during the 1950s where colonoscopy patients were given it internally to alleviate fecal odor.  It would then be commercialized for mass public use.  Initially it was released in gum, candy, washes, etc... however it was not very effective.  About 200mg of chlorophyllin is needed per day to achieve any significant deodorizing results.  Enter Body Mint.  As a dietary supplement, each pill contains 100mg of chlorophyllin... far more than what was found in earlier products. 

The next question is whether it is safe or not to take this amount, and the answer is yes.  Chlorophyllin is actually good for the body in more ways than just fighting stink.  It helps improve the blood as well as remove harmful carcinogens from the body.  In over 50 years of use, there have never been any serious side effects from using chlorophyllin.

Body Mint website:


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